Watford FC vs Southampton

Watford FC vs Southampton

Vicarage Road

Here You can buy tickets for the match between Watford FC and Southampton. You can see when Watford FC has it’s next home game on Vicarage Road against Southampton on the list below.


Matches 2018-19

Watford FC vs Southampton
SAT, 04 APR 2020 or SUN, 05 APR 2020

Past matches

Watford FC vs Southampton, SAT, 13 JAN 2018
Venue info
Vicarage Road. LondonFootballInternational.com

Vicarage Road

Venue seatingplan, Vicarage Road Venue seatingplan Venue seatingplan Vicarage Road


Vicarage Rd, Watford, Hertfordshire WD18 0ER
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Watford High Street Station is located in zone 8 on the London Overground Line. From central London, you should expect 45-60-minutes travel time to get to Watford High Street station, and from here it is a 10-minute walk to the stadium.

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