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Arsenal FC vs Tottenham Hotspur FC

Arsenal FC - Tottenham Hotspurs is the hottest of all London derbies. There are 13 teams from London who play in the professional league system, but only two of them can count on fans hating each other and wanting to win at all costs. One is Millwall - West Ham, hardly happening anymore due to the two teams playing in different leagues. The other is Arsenal - Tottenham, "The North London derby".

Both teams were founded approximately simultaneously: Tottenham in 1882 and Arsenal in 1886. Back then, Tottenham was the only team playing in North London, as Arsenal was founded and played in Woolwich, southeast London.

When Arsenal moved to Highbury in 1913, they straight up invaded "Spurs Country" and the new Highbury Arena was only four miles away from Tottenham's home, White Hart Lane.

That a team from South London could come and occupy Tottenham's reign was frustrating and excruciating, but the hate between the supporters really begun in 1919. Arsenal finished 6th (then corrected to 5th place in 1980) in Second Division, while Spurs finished 20th in First Division. As First Division was to be expanded by 2 teams, Tottenham were positive they would avoid relegation (also given the fact that 19th-placed Chelsea had just been selected to stay in First Division for the same reason). Reality hit hard when Arsenal were promoted to First Division instead, while Tottenham went on to face relegation to Second Division. There’s still a debate going on about how this happened, but Tottenham fans are sure it was about "brown paper bags", a metaphor for bribes.


After years of successes for Arsenal, something has started to change, and now Tottenham really have the favour of the odds in what, to them, is more a “Claim North London Back” derby, than a mere “North London” derby.

Unfortunately for purists, neither Highbury, nor White Hart Lane serve as the frame for such a fantastic match, but have you seen the Emirates and the Wembley stadiums? Those are true beauties!

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Arsenal FC vs Tottenham Hotspur FC

Arsenal FC vs Tottenham Hotspurs is the hottest of all London derbies. We have tickets, regardless if the game is played at Emirates or Wembley.

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